Jam was referred to My NoNNa’s by the SPD (formerly the Society for the Physically Disabled).  For the past 7 years, Jam had not worked after suffering from a stroke.  He has the use of only his left hand, but he remains positive and endeavours to take on as many tasks in My NoNNa’s as he possibly can.

Jam is a strong team player, in spite of his disability and he has earned the trust and respect of his fellow My Nonna’s colleagues.

“It is great to be back at work!  The team at My Nonna’s has been spectacular, and despite our disabilities, we find areas in which we can work together and contribute!” Jam, My NoNNa’s Champion .

An amazing story we have to share

This is about how Jam and Lydia worked together to skewer the kebabs for our soft launch of the café.  Each of them has the use of only one hand each, and skewering is a difficult task even for able-bodied persons as it takes concentration to skewer meat in the right place so that the meat sits nicely on the skewer and not poke yourself in the process!

So how did they do it?

Since Jam had only the use of his left hand, he had to work with Lydia who also has the use of one hand only.  Side by side, they skewered the meats, with one person grabbing a piece of meat, and slotting it on the skewer and then grabbing the skewer while the other person let go –then the other person would grab a piece of vegetable and place it through the skewer, at which Jam would then let go, and grab a piece of meat …on and on they went, in tandem, until we had a trayful of succulent skewers for our guests! THAT’S TEAMWORK @MY NONNA’S!


Lydia joined My NoNNa’s from a fast food restaurant chain, where she had been tasked to do only cleaning duties. My NoNNa’s saw her potential to do much more.  With My NoNNa’s, Lydia has learnt how to assist with the preparation of our Italian meals and she has even found a specialisation in making waffles!

Lydia has mild intellectual disabilities and some physical disabilities.  She accepts her challenges and has a strong mind to take on the world!  So ask for the lovely Lydia-made waffles when you are at MyNonna’s!

“I love interacting with people and really enjoy serving our Poppy party snacks like popcorn and kachang puteh at events!  So call us for your next party – I’d love to be there!” My NoNNa’s Champion , Lydia.


Chef Jasmine has recently joined us at My NoNNa’s @SUTD, a wheelchair workplace friendly café. It is due to the design of the café, done by the students of SUTD, that My NoNNa’s is now able to hire staff in wheelchairs like Jasmine, in My NoNNa’s outlet.

Jasmine was confined to a wheelchair 3 years ago, after an unsuccessful operation for a spinal cord injury. Prior to her injury she had been a chef & baker for many years & been employed at SATS. After being confined to a wheelchair, she has not been able to work in the past 3 years, let alone in an industry she loved. She is very grateful for the opportunity to work in My NoNNa’scafé, as she can now do a job she is passionate about.

“I am very grateful to be given this chance to engage in my passion again.  Thank  you for the support, everyone, and for helping me fulfil what I love doing!  I hope  that you enjoy the food that my team and I lovingly put together for you! ”