02122008576Geri has worked in the corporate world for 22 years. After battling for the last 3 years with a voice that kept nagging in her head, she finally decided to give in & do something truly meaningful with her life. It was a growing obsession to start this social enterprise. She saw an urgent need to help the maturing intellectually disabled, who were coming out of school & into the working world… only to find that they could not find a fit. As such, Cirrus Culinnaire was born.

This social enterprise would utilize the very special skills of the intellectually disabled & autistic to draw the logos that were being conceived by Geri as she developed the branding for these new ranges of food products. She found a mission to develop great food products while at the same time, be able to help the intellectually disabled & autistic find something meaningful that could give them a sense of fulfillment and independence.

Geri developed a love for Italian food when in her youth, she was  blessed with much time to visit many parts of Italy! While there, she fell  in love with the cuisine & spent time in the kitchens of Italian Nonnas  (“Grandmothers”), trying to learn all their kitchen secrets! She was a  private chef for 5 years as a hobby & has constantly wondered why there  is a dearth of really good-tasting ready-to-eat Italian food available.  Hence, the Italian range of “MyNonna’s” was conceived.The logo of “My  Nonna” has been drawn by Aldie, an intellectually disabled young man,  currently attached to Minds.

Geri with MINDS

In March 2015, My NoNNa’s was invited to start a Social Enterprise project stall in the school canteen of St Joseph’s Institution. It provided a wonderful opportunity to launch My NoNNa’s range of Italian food as well as to employ more of the intellectually disabled & autistic young adults. Hence Geri is now training and employing young adults with disabilities and deploying them to serve “My NoNNa’s” range of Italian food at the stall. Check out more details on My NoNNa’s @ SJI Social Enterprise Stall on Facebook @My NoNNaS & Instagram #MyNoNNaSG. Now the search goes on for more of such stalls to operate from so that Geri can increase the number of intellectually disabled who are trained & meaningfully employed.