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My NoNNa’s is a brand name created by Cirrus Culinnaire Pte Ltd, a social enterprise registered with the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise Ltd.

My NoNNa’s creates custom menus for private occasions. Enquire on how we may bring the social enterprise vision into your home or office for your friends, family and business partners to enjoy a cosy Italian-Mediterranean lunch specially tailored to fit your palate and budget!”


Hear what our customers have to say about MyNonnas.

Tasting of the 2 new Food Brands, My NoNNa's Italian Home Style Pasta & My Bibik Sayang Peranakan dishes created by Cirrus Culinnaire truly has made me change my perspectives on home style cooking. Geri is very professional, friendly, outgoing and such a wonderful company to have around. Her knowledge and passion towards her food was incredible. She even took time to basically tell us what ingredients were in the dish whereby not many Chefs would be so open minded to share their recipes. It has been an overwhelming experience tasting the authenticity of Peranankan cuisine; it not only opens my mind on local foods by also the humbleness of the history as well. Thank You Chef Geri for your kind and warm hospitality and my compliments to the Awesome Chef that you are. I will definitely order more to feed more mouths for the next round.

Miri Yeo
My NoNNa's ”Premium Baked Pasta Range - Baked Aubergine with Slow Braised Beef “ - Best dish I have ever tried! Aubergine was soft. Pasta was deliciously melt in mouth. Beef was super and tasty. Mozzarella cheese is baked to perfection!”

Daphne Chan
My NoNNa's Oven Baked Penne with Rosemary Meat Sauce: All of the ingredients were fresh and cooked just the right amount. The meat sauce was tender and flavoursome, and the pasta had just the right texture. The cheese had a strong flavour which added to the dish. I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to even the pickiest of eaters.

Edward Giles
My NoNNa's Farm Style Baked Pasta: Best pasta bake ever! Deliciously generous golden cheese topping which my sons absolutely loved! They kept asking for more! The pasta was cooked perfectly and evenly ( unlike other "homemade" pasta bakes which tend to have hardened pasta on the sides) and the sauce had just the right amount of blend of herbs. My only regret was that we did not pack one to go.

Mary Giles

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Hello! I’m Antoinette!

I have the pleasure to introduce to you…My NoNNa’s!

These menus are lovingly cooked with my NoNNa’s (Grandmother’s) recipes! These recipes are a closely guarded secret & have been in my family for generations!

I grew up watching NoNNa cooking these for our family & I’ve been helping NoNNa in the kitchen since I was 2! Now let me share the joy of these dishes with YOU!

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My NoNNa’s Pte Ltd manages and operates Social Enterprise stalls serving the “My NoNNa’s” Italian range of food.